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Put Down That Cellphone: Brian Haggerty Restores Civility in The Business World Source:

Undoubtedly, the first thing people notice about Brian Haggerty is his voice - smooth, pleasant and knowledgeable - though never condescending. It's little wonder that he has been able to capture the attention of so many, including middle school children, a seemingly Herculean task.

Haggerty, a former Commissioner of Public Affairs in Lyndhurst, began his manners education journey in the Belleville school district. The children there were so impressed with the theretofore unknown to them etiquette and manners, that they clamored for …

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5 Simple Ways for a Stronger Working Relationship with your Co-workers – Bringing Civility Back to the Workplace

Complaints, grievances, nagging, gossip, pessimism, anger and misery. Nothing’s worse than a workplace where co-workers and bosses alike share in these unfortunate traits with one another daily. It affects productivity and, even worse, your outlook on life. The dread we may feel in our gut—knowing what awaits us as we head to work—is enough to ruin not only your day, but also your personal life.

If you are experiencing these very things at work, it means that negative behavior among the office or workplace is caught in a vicious cycle. The good news is that if you are determined to change the atmosphere at work, you can be the spark that sets off an entire new approach to the way co-workers, managers and bosses communicate with each other. You can set the tone for better communication, stronger working relationships and establish a more peaceful working environment that is birthed from knowing how to communicate in a positive and productive manner—and whose method is rooted in the decision to be the change you would like to see in your co-workers.

Here are five simple things that you can do to enlighten and lighten the otherwise dark and dreary atmosphere that has clouded your workplace …

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"Put That Cell Phone Down and Look Me in the Eye: Bringing Civility and Respect Back to the Workplace at ALL Levels of Business".

Top Tips

Less Is More

Anything that is scarce is perceived as more valuable. This includes people. If you are a non-stop talker or are the first to arrive/last to leave, people will grow tired of you. If you wish for people to perceive you as valuable, speak less and don’t stay long. Leave people wanting more of you, not less.

Put Your Phone Away

No need to be attached to your phone 24/7. Put it away or on silent and don't check your e-mails or texts when you are speaking with others. The real person with whom you are speaking should always be given priority over anything on your phone.

Send a Written Note

If you make a new connection with someone and want to seal the deal, send a brief written note instead of an e-mail. E-mails are a penny a dozen, but a written note is rare these days and will be appreciated and remembered. What's more, people keep them.

Return Phone Calls

If someone calls you in the morning, be sure to return their call by the afternoon. If they call in the afternoon, call them first thing in the morning. This will establish your reputation for being reliable and accessible.

Show Up

Whether it is a special occasion, a birthday, a school or sport event, or even a wake. Show up! While you don't have to stay long, just showing up shows your respect for the other person or people and will be remembered and appreciated.


Put That Cell Phone Down and Look Me In The Eye: Bringing Civility and Respect Back to the Workplace at ALL Levels of Business

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